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Evergreen: Site preview

Evergreen Reputation is a British company, that measures and develops online reputation for businesses worldwide. We developed custom responsive Wordpress templates for the main website and blog pages.

Design by Marius Ciuchete

Web Development


This is a simple but comprehensive one-pager. We implemented throughout the site playful, but discrete animations. All decorations used are SVG and therefore retina resolution ready.

Evergreen: Homepage Evergreen: Homepage Evergreen: Homepage Evergreen: Homepage

Services Section

The Services section is cleverly molded after the A.I.D.A. sales funnel. A bouncing animation expands the services for each item.

Evergreen: Services Section

Mobile website

The responsively adapts content to any device, enabling users to enjoy the same browsing experience regardless of the device used to access the site.

Evergreen: Responsive interface

Graffino is excellent to work with. Not only do they deliver on time and on budget but they also work hard to ensure you are provided with the best long-term solutions. They're also great at being on hand to talk anything through.

Face: Filip Matous

Filip Matous

Partner, Evergreeen Reputation
London, United Kingdom

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