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Looking back at our first steps as a company

Zeno Popovici

Zeno Popovici

Well this is awkward. We opened our doors for business seven years ago, but never found the time to do stuff for ourselves. Always busy with the next adventure, the next big thing, our next client, we forgot that we also must find time for ourselves.


The name Graffino was born out of a coincidence. My partner called me one day, sounding excited, asking: “What do you think about Grafzino?”. I misheard it as Graffino. That was it.

It takes time for us to accept new people in. We only work with the best and we don’t settle for good enough. In the past years, we grew to a six people team and another half a dozen collaborators. All talented and passionate individuals, just like us.

Our refreshed website and identity reflects our beliefs: “We’re your kind of digital agency”. We only take on projects that we believe in, that we enjoy doing. Our clients are important to us and we strive to deliver the best of what we can offer. If we don’t like it, we don’t ship it.

You can check out our website to find out more about Graffino.


We changed our website and brand only three times in six years, we never felt the need to promote ourselves, because we didn’t need to. We get recommended a lot, because we’re committed to only deliver our best work. Our clients love working with us and they rarely do just one project with us.

This is an actual quote from one of our recent clients:

This is amazing … I can’t really even believe it … So pleased. Bobby Gibson CEO Travelkeys

When we get this kind of reaction from our clients, we know we did great. In the last months we felt that this wasn’t enough anymore. We all have a lot of experience and something exciting to talk about, we all have something to share. So, we decided to start writing.


We’ll write about the cool stuff we’re experimenting with and our own opinions about design, code and the web.

If you’re wondering where the comment section is, you should know that comments are not our thing. The readers we write are people like us, and we’re writing for them. We think comments distract from the conversation and add unneeded pressure on both the writer and the reader.

If you feel the need to write us, you can do it on Twitter or via email. Rest assured, we read every mention and every email.

Free treats

We play with bits and pieces in our free time: Chrome, Safari and Alfred extensions we’ve build for ourselves. If you’re a front-end developer, you might find our Ninja build tool interesting.

You deserve a better brand.

We’ll build something beautiful that converts!