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Why Every Local Business Needs a Website

Aura Serea

Aura Serea

Why Every Local Business Needs a Website

Is it expected to have a website or is it a whim?

Reliance on internet and smart devices is a normality in today's world for accessing information, and connecting to one another, and not necessarily only with younger generations. Almost anyone is using it, my dad of 65y is looking for the schedule of the car repair shop online, internet is part of our every day in every aspect of our life.

What does this mean for your business?

It should be online too!⁣⁣

Yes, everyone's doing it, more of a reason to be there with your competition and partners.

Not convinced yet? Let us share some reasons for it

Every local business needs a modern and mostly, maintained, website first and foremost because your clients expect it. As my father does it, if your car repair shop is not online, he will go to your competition because they have their schedule online and he can see they provide the service my dad needs. He wouldn't drive by your shop only to see if you're open and if you provide the service he needs.

In today's market, your website gives you a voice. One more, of your business relies on word of mouth. And you can choose what and how to say your story, introduce your products or services and convince people to come to your location and not another random one.

Yes, your competition already has a website, or will have soon. Don't allow them to take your foot traffic that easily!

In today's world advertising is no longer enough. People rely on social proof and make decisions based on recommendations and testimonials, more of a reason to be online and showcase your most loyal clients referrals.

Your website offers you 24h presence for your customers. While your shop might be closed at 11 PM, your clients still learn about you, about your products and services, about your schedule, your offers and so on.

Your website offers you accessibility, you can reach thousands, hundreds of thousands people and potential clients with your website, and this thing is not possible only with your local presence. I do travel to different vicinities for specific products or services, I wouldn't have done it unless I've learned online about them.

We treat our client’s business as our own. We take a pragmatic approach, analyze the business and requirements, then focus on solving the most issues where we can have the biggest impact. In fewer words, what we deliver has to convert. If a client wants a website just for the sake of having a website, we won’t do it. If the application we’re tasked to build, has no clear later application or value, we simply will not build it.

Convinced to at least have a discussion with us about an investment in your next website? A well designed and developed website by our experienced team is one of the best tools that will contribute to growing your business!

Reach out to us here !

You deserve a better brand.

We’ll build something beautiful that converts!