Today I Learned

Customize web page using query parameters with help of $route.query

VueJS offers the possibility to access query parameters so that you can customise a certain's page content based on the given parameters.

For instance, we have the following method and the following query parameters:

    getQuery() {
      if (this.$route.query.message) {
        this.queryMessage = this.$route.query.message

This method will set a variable according to the query parameter "message", that can be further used in the content of the page. For example in a heading:

    <h1>{{ queryMessage }}</h1>

Also, by using the functionality of $router combined with "v-if", the user can render components conditionally.

    getQuery() {
      if (this.$route.query.icon) {
        this.queryIcon = this.$route.query.icon === 'true'
    <svg v-if="queryIcon">

Therefore, when parsing a query containing:


only then, the svg will be rendered.