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Vuex composition helpers utility package

One big advantage of the Composition API over the Options API is that it lets us group our variables and methods how we want. Most of the time we group them together by feature/functionality, as they use/call one another and it's convenient to have them grouped together this way.

For all apps where we use Vuex for state management, we probably take advantage of the mapState, mapGetters, mapActions and mapMutations binding helpers. Unfortunately, this does not work as expected with the Composition API. But there is also a way of how we can replicate this behavior and also maintain the structure of our components as described at the beginning as an advantage.

We have to install the vuex-composition-helpers utility package:

npm i vuex-composition-helpers@next

and use it as follows in our component:

<script setup lang="ts">

import { useState, useActions, useGetters, useMutations } from 'vuex-composition-helpers'

const { globalMessage, onlineUsers } = useState(['globalMessage', 'onlineUsers'])
const { getGlobalMessage } = useGetters(['getGlobalMessage'])
const { updateMessage, addOnlineUser } = useActions(['updateMessage', 'addOnlineUser'])